April 29. 2012

This is a day I will never forget! It was beautiful outside, family all around, and precious baby girl who was to be blessed by her father, who has the Priesthood authority to give her a name and blessing.
My blessings I count daily.
Had to have attention too
Cousin Ryann
Vyvian Jean

April 26.
The Hayashi Family came to visit and meet Vyvian for the first time.
We met them up in Kansas City, MO. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's have a Temple up there and they were having their Open House, so everyone and anyone who wanted to see the beautiful structure and hear what we really do in there, were welcome. So we too went through it. It is so beautiful!!

Hayashi Clan 

Grandma and Grandpa Hayashi

Uncle Jordan and Aunt Melissa
Big Sister moment

Our Little Family
Vyvian has hit her 2 month mark! 
She is growing too fast.
She is a great eater and traveler.
This was her first big road trip (3 hrs)
and did so well!

After the Temple Open House, we took the trip to see Liberty Jail.

We then made the long trip home.
This is only for document sake. Brian got a chip in his rental car... so we waited for Highway Patrol to write up a report. It was entertaining. :D

April 28.
We traveled around to some Amish villages. I really enjoyed it. We were even lucky to catch a bakery open and got a delicious peanut butter brownie or something... SO GOOD!
We (obviously) weren't allowed to take pictures of the Amish. But we had lunch at a little place and I took a bunch of pictures!!

April 2012

April 1.
We went to visit Grandma Hansen at the nursing home.

April 3.
Alyvia and Kinzley got to have an Easter egg hunt at their gymnastics.
It was so fun to watch them scurry around looking for eggs. Decqlyn even got some.

 Vyvian is still too little to participate. ;)

April 5
Still carrying on Easter Traditions.
I made these for Kristofer to take to work, yummy!!

April 8.
Easter Sunday.

We have church at 2:30pm, so we had lunch at Grandma Rose's with an Easter egg hunt.

Aunt Karla's fiance' 

What is a family get together without a family portrait?

 April 12.
Not always picture perfect, but this girl loves being a BIG sister! Crazy hair and all.
So sweet.

April 14.
Helping daddy feed baby Vyvian.

 So the scratch on Alyvia's face. She totally fell down our stairs. The stairs are carpeted but the basement is not. SO when she hit the bottom she skidded. It was awful! She cried a lot! I am just so thankful she didn't bust anything!

April 18.
Ashley came in town! She is pregnant with baby #4.
We went to visit Grandma Hansen.

This is how we do it!! 

April 19.
Springfield Cardinals. Minor League Baseball.
It is so fun to get out as family! This was Vyvian's first game!
We went with the Gorhams and the Navarres.

Alyvia wouldn't go anywhere near the bird!

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